3 Reasons NOT to refinance now

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Not everyone wants to pay down their mortgage in three years and for some it’s difficult to make large monthly payments. Perhaps a change in circumstance means a 30-year term is more sustainable moving forward. 6. To switch to a fixed-rate mortgage. We’ll put this in the common reasons to refinance pile.

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Refinance Your Home To Pay Off Credit Card Debt Using your home as an ATM to pay off your credit card debt could be a huge mistake. When you take the equity out of your home to repay credit card debt, you are in effect turning an unsecured loan (credit card debt) into a secured loan (home equity loan).

"You want to weigh the costs against the benefits before deciding to refinance." [Think refinancing is right for you? Click to compare rates from multiple lenders now. not been this low in 40 years.

1. You’re Not Planning on Staying Put. One of the most important details you need to pay attention to when you’re planning to refinance is the break-even point. This is the amount of time it will take for you to recover the closing costs on the new loan. The break-even point is calculated based on how much you pay in closing costs and what your new interest rate will be.

Cost range = 0% to 3% of the loan principal. Tip: The length of time that you expect to keep the mortgage helps you determine whether it is worthwhile to pay points up front to reduce your interest rate. Unlike points paid on your original mortgage, points paid to refinance may not be fully deductible on your income taxes in the year they are paid.

Here are 3 reasons why. The practice has not changed much in a long time, and technology adoption has been lacking. If you are looking to refinance right now, your options are probably more limited than you’d prefer.

Beginners Guide to Refinancing Your Mortgage. Reasons for a Borrower to Refinance.. Therefore, it is important to calculate a break-even point, which will help determine whether or not the refinance would be a sensible option. Go to a Fixed Rate Mortgage from an Adjustable Rate Mortgage.

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