Is Joe Biden the new Hillary? Democrats must have a real debate to avoid disaster

Like Hillary Clinton having to abandon her husband’s crime and trade policies as president, Joe Biden is going to have to run away from his past support for the death penalty and harsher sentences.

Joe Biden Would Be a Disaster.. the base of the Democratic party, have to Joe Biden. But the irony is that that is, he’s getting that approval and he is being that comforting figure to part.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Joe Biden has read all the modifiers in front of his front-runner status: shaky, fragile, vulnerable.He’ll try to leave the debate stage Wednesday night with a more positive adjective attached to his name.The former vice president will likely be the center of attacks over his views on race and the future of.

Hillary Clinton; Joe Biden (Getty/Salon) Is Joe Biden the 1 last update 2019/07/21 new Hillary? Democrats vpn pcca must have a vpn pcca real debate to avoid disaster Biden’s ""bipartisanship"" is a vpn pcca throwback to the 1 last update 2019/07/21 democrats’ biggest mistakes. But his coronation is not inevitable

2020 Democratic candidates take aim at Joe Biden during debate Swalwell calls on Biden to ‘pass the torch’; raymond arroyo breaks down his ‘Friday Follies.’ This is a rush transcript from "The.

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Hillary could not count on the support of black Americans that Obama had locked in. Biden can not count on the support of radical women that Hillary had locked in. Click Here if you Like this Comment 5 people like this.

The one who gets the democrat nomination will be worse than hillary because democrats are criminals, stupid criminals After Bill Clinton we said they couldn’t do any worse. They gave us an illegal, obama. We said they can’t get any worse. They gave us the treasonous greedy hillary.

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Two figures stand out larger than any others in the transformation of the Democratic Party from the eroded remnants of FDR-style liberalism to thatcher-style neoliberalism: bill clinton and Joe Biden.

If there were a statue of Joe Biden, the new left would seek to tear it down. Biden is running an old-style Democrat campaign, closer to that of Jefferson Davis’ in the minds of the new radical.

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