‘Make Doonbeg great again’: Co Clare welcomes Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump’s son has arrived in Ireland with a group of over 30 US business people to play at Trump’s golf club in Doonbeg in Clare. Eric Trump, 33, Executive Vice President of the.

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Rural village of Doonbeg gives warm welcome to US president Donald Trump was given the biggest Irish welcome to a rural Co Clare village where locals waved American flags and some donned the Make America Great Again cap.

Two of Donald Trump’s sons received an enthusiastic welcome to a rural Co Clare village during their father’s first presidential visit to Ireland. Eric and Donald Junior arrived in Doonbeg.

‘Make Doonbeg great again’: Co Clare welcomes Donald Trump Doonbeg cares little about the president’s politics, misogyny or the origins of his money Comerfords Pub shared a post .

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Donald Trump meets Irish school kids during game of golf in Doonbeg, Co Clare. He is to leave Ireland later on today, bringing an end to his whirlwind trip

The residents of Doonbeg are putting up bunting and flags for the imminent arrival of US president Donald Trump who owns the near-by Trump International hotel and golf course.

‘Make Doonbeg great again’: Co Clare welcomes Donald Trump "It’s like Italia ’90," says Joe Pender, as he and other villagers hang bunting in the Irish colours across Doonbeg’s Main Street.

There were verbal altercations as the event started when a counter demonstration was staged by the former deputy leader of Britain First Jayda Fransen and a small group of pro-Trump supporters waving.

Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland invites guests to discover Doonbeg, from the beautifully appointed suites of this luxury hotel in Co Clare, Ireland. Located on the tranquil beaches of Ireland, this hotel offers guests old-world luxury.

Donald Trump was given the biggest Irish welcome to a rural Co Clare village where locals waved American flags and some donned the Make America Great Again caps.

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The US president Donald. Mr Trump again indicated during the St Patrick’s Day trip this year that he planned to make the visit, referencing his hotel in Co Clare. “I have a very warm spot for.