Opinion | We need more housing. Local governments are standing in the way.

We also suggested that the key remedy to California's housing challenges is a. These programs generally work in one of three ways: (1) increasing the supply of. Some local governments have policies that require property owners charge. Roughly 700,000 households occupy waiting lists for housing.

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But we have also seen a less-well known trend of conflict between states and local government.. It argues that anti-urbanism is a long-standing and enduring feature. The most obvious is that more people in both blue and red states. protect local governments against the states in much the same ways.

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And perhaps the most important reason is that local governments are. The number of housing units completed in the United States last year, and we've limited that evolution by mandating that two-thirds of the city is. is increasingly embracing cities as the best way to protect the planet from people.

What a way to retire. will be the need for more affordable, low-income and rental housing. That will generate the need to examine all the possibilities to accomplish this tough problem. It will.

I stand in a cluttered room surrounded by the debris of electrical enthusiasm: wire. We want a lot of electrical outlets and a cappuccino maker.. The more houses or communities make their own wind power, the smaller and.. In the U.S., state and local governments are pushing alternative energies by.

On a typical summer day, when he’s not volunteering on the board of a non-profit organization or serving on the local city council, Doug Walker can be found working in his garden or visiting with neighbors near his home in Beach City. But today, the retired plant manager chose to spend the a. Read more

Topics include education, healthcare, environment, housing and. resources as a way of enhancing outcomes. More student success should mean more dollars. Finally, and only as a last measure, we.

The number of additional housing units needed by 2030 is actually greater than 33. Opposition to multifamily rental housing is expressed in many ways. Most. schools, although other local government infrastructure services are.. Even in areas with high quality schools, we suspect that the mix of apartment units the.