Retirees urged to consider renting in retirement rather than take equity release

Help from your family. You could talk to family members about your options; although this might not be the easiest subject to broach, they may prefer to lend or give you money rather than have you take out an equity release plan, which could end up eating into their eventual inheritance.

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For retirees, this means making sure you have evidence of regular income from pensions, investments and any income from work post-retirement. Alternative products Those struggling to get a mortgage, or remortgage, past the age of 65 might want to consider equity release.

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Should you rent or buy in retirement?. retirees and preretirees considering downsizing often struggle with the decision of whether to rent or buy.. Renting can also be cheaper than buying.

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Rethinking Retirement Retirees, Should You Rent or Buy Your Home?. 10 Great College Towns to Retire To. The upside of renting. But it turns out that buying rather than renting when you downsize.

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