So the RBA has cut rates: What next? –

“While it’s true that the cost of insurance has. so a rate cut is not warranted. A rate cut would also re-ignite the property market." Paul Dales, Capital Economics (Hold): "There is still not.

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This loan has a principal-and-interest variable rate and a maximum insured LVR of 80%, meaning it requires a 20% deposit. Mortgage House says this rate will stay low whether the RBA lowers. outs of.

To cut a long story short, without a sizeable fall in the unemployment rate, the RBA now does not believe that inflation can move back to target and that one of the things they can do to make up for this shortfall, is to cut rates. There has been no labour market data since then, and there will be none before the meeting on 4 June.

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However, Australians may not have to wait too long for a rate cut. RBA is comfortable with the current level of interest rates" Steven Pambris, Bank Of Sydney: "Will need to refrain at this point.

While the RBA may have kept rates. t cut for fear of stoking the housing market bubble and can’t hike due to weak growth and inflation,” QIC chief economist Matthew Peter said. Finder only provides.

Productivity Commission says home loan rates aren’t falling as expected. Ever get the impression your bank isn’t racing to lower your interest rate when official rates from the Reserve Bank of.

“Low interest rates have exacerbated Australians’ debt appetite, and we’re in real danger of seeing this rise further and so households must plan for future financial shocks. “Australia has enjoyed ..

The Reserve Bank has cut the official interest rate to a fresh low of just 1.5 per cent, in a desperate effort to stoke price growth. RBA cuts cash rate by 25 basis points to 1.5 per cent Some.

The cash rate remains at 1.50% for now, but with property prices falling, the direction and timing of the next move have never been so uncertain. and 60% of them now say the RBA’s next move will be.

"Chances of a cut have grown, but the domestic outlook remains reasonably good employment wise and so far consumer. Strategists: "The RBA has acknowledged that our economy is weaker and the.

Real-estate sector at the tipping point’ prompts stock analyst to flip his ratings Real-estate sector ‘at the tipping point’ prompts stock analyst to flip his ratings All the long-promised changes in residential real estate are finally upon us, says one analyst in a recent note, changing his outlook on the stocks under his.Couple blames $430,000 loss on Westpac’s ‘irresponsible lending’  · The Associated Press reports on the American non-savings rate. "Americans spent more than they made last year, something they haven’t done since the Great Depression. This time the trigger was good economic news, a booming housing market, which has made millions of American homeowners feel wealthier and thus more willing to spend with abandon."