Why the market shouldn’t be excited about Fed rate cuts

Now the bond market is telling the Fed that at least two rate cuts are needed. They are needed to offset the increased uncertainties surrounding Trump’s trade/tariff wars, which have now expanded to include Mexico, and the general malaise which has kept economy’s growth potential from being fully realized.

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The Financial Crisis saw valuations decline to 10.3, though that was a historical anomaly that investors shouldn’t expect to occur. the bond futures market was signaling a 66% probability of at.

Why the Fed Shouldn’t Cut Interest Rates Now (Bloomberg Opinion) — The outlook for the U.S. economy has recently darkened, with worries about trade wars and consumer demand weighing on overall.

The markets have been partying since Tuesday on an anticipation of rate cuts. The Fed might cut rates, but it probably won’t have much effect. I will explain exactly why that is the case.

Why the market shouldn’t be excited about Fed rate cuts illustration: ada amer/axios When Fed chair Jerome Powell said Tuesday that the Fed would "act as appropriate to sustain the expansion" traders took it as the latest confirmation of the Powell put – the notion that Powell and the Fed are prepared to lower interest rates and stimulate.

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They argue a rate cut would provide a form of insurance by propping up the stock and housings market to prevent a recession from setting in, or just to reassure investors the Fed is committed to.

Futures-market investors see it as an absolute certainty that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates later this month. But a few bold economists, including Pantheon’s Ian Shepherdson, say the.

So it is somewhat vindicating that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell seems to finally coming around to that idea. The betting markets are now predicting at least one rate cut this year and. by printing.

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No One Should Be Excited by a Fed "Pause" Trump was always the market-friendly candidate, but his decision to increase the deficit with tax cuts is going to require a weaker U.S. dollar to fund the debt. Rate hikes in the United States attract capital into the USD, so the President has been pushing back hard against Powell’s tightening.